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anyone know the group/song title of the gospel song that plays as the movie is ending and closing credits begin rolling?

thank YOU!
Hmm.. you can check the soundtrack here, maybe that'll tell ya something.. (but I can tell ya it's not one of the first 7 listed.. hehe)
The IMDB lists the soundtrack, generally in order of appearance in the movie. You can check that list here. It does list a few songs that aren't found on the CD Soundtrack.
Who created that "Cheesy inspirational music" as Jim so calls it in "Bruce Almighty"

This is when he is pouring or rather "spilling the milk" all over the outheld glasses.

:D Please :D :) Help........... and thank-you to whoever answers this. B)
That's "Chariots of Fire", the quintessential cheesy inspirational music.
What's the name of the song that plays when Bruce gets out of his car and goes to help the other guy push his car out of the road? It sounds kind of like Nickelback or 3 Doors Down, but I'm really not sure. I would appreciate any help.
You bump after three hours? People see your questions when they see 'em. <_< :rolleyes:

It's Vertical Horizon, "You're A God."
Does anyone know the song when Bruce is running and filling the kids cups with milk in slow motion?

Its like an orchestrated song w/ no vocals...
What is the song played as "inspirational music in bruce almoghty. Ive heard it alot but dont know what the song is.
its in old school when will ferrell is doing that gymnasitc thing and its in bruce almighty when he's running with the pitcher of milk

its that instrumental type of song that can probably be found in some type of Olympic track when someone finishes first in a race

the title and artist of the song would be a huge help :)