Brothers in Arms

:S i really dont know but its good

That song sounded very familiar from a movie too. I heard it in The Day After Tomorrow. That first part of the song sound very much like it.

If they are the same songs then its basically called Day After Tomorrow by Harold Kloser
Notice the backround music once you enter the site its very much the same in the beggining. I think it changes to a different song... im not sure. I could only listen to the 30 seconds of it.
Here to day after tomorrow

or you can go here for the sound track

Can anyone help me find what the music is in the brothers in arms e3 trailer, not the new trailer. i have heard the song also in the intro to wrestlemania 19 ppv and on several film adverts but cant find what it is, help !!!
yeah ive been tryin to figure the name of that song too. they used it as the opening promo for the show lost
Hope I'm not too late with this... Oh well, here goes...

The piece of music is called "Trailblazing" by Steve Jablonsky. Check out to listen to it, although navigating that site can be a bit confusing (or is it just me?)

Click on the "X" in the "Get Trax" menu near the bottom, then on "director's cuts", "composer", then on Steve. Don''t think you can download it though. Shame.

Hope that helps!
Dire Straits. Its an album by them released, I believe, in 1985. I has a track Brothers in Armss on the album
Yes indeed it's the "Trailblazing" cue. I've gotten more inquires from people about that song I placed in that E3 trailer than I know what to do with!

I actually gave to the song to my editor friend cutting the "Lost" spots on TV too!

TOO FUNNY! :lol:
I couldn't follow your links, but I believe the song you are referring to is "Call Of The Storm" by a music library named 5 Alarm.

Do you have a direct link of the trailer you're talking about?
which trailer are you talking about? i know one of them uses hans zimmer's "international trailer" which was used for the intrernational pearl harbor trailer.
oops, sorry. i was on his website or maybe it was a fan site and it listed him as the composer. i saw on another thread that it is in fact another guy. sorry once again
No worries. One thing that might have thrown you off is that the "Trailblazing" cue is from the Extreme Library - Director's Cuts Series in which Hans Zimmer has a big hand in. One of his long time partner's, Steve Jabolonsky wrote the song. Steve writes for Desperate Housewives these days.
:D Thanks everyone for your help, only just checked and finally found it ! Wow that was a long road LOL.