Bringing Down the House


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does anyone know the name of the song in bringing down the house, its when the main guy is preparing for his date. he puts in a cd and its mainly music, does anyone know? Its also in Down with Love.
can you describe it? and what part in "down with love"...i happen to have that one...
im not sure im what part maybe one time in catches apartment but the song kind of goes like this: daba daba daba da daba daba da and then some soothing music.
i haven't checked the movie yet, but "fly me to the moon" the version by astrud gilberto comes to mind
What is the song playing when Steve Martin's character is looking at the picture of his wife and kids and then he goes over to her house, and talks to her? It's an orchestral piece and I love it. Thanks in advance.
where he dresses up like a wiger and goes to the club and dances with that fat chick and the skinny chick.. the song playing?
A few songs played in that scene. It might also be N.E.R.D. - "Rockstar" or Lil' Wayne - "Way Of Life both of which are on the soundtrack.

The Time - "Jungle Love" plays shortly as well.
hmm well it goes somthing like.. yaa hit the dance floor dont stop now.. or somthing like that? does that help
Then it's: "Let Go" (Hit The Dance Floor) - Eve/Jadakiss which is track # 1 on the soundtrack.