Bridget Jones Diary


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Ok I just heard the end of this song while overhearing This Boys Life in my sister room. But I better remember the scene in both Bridget Jones Diary movies, its the scene when Bridget Jones goes to her mother house and its a song in the back ground, it sounds like an older song, I think the lyrics I heard were "over....under..." and so on. I know its very vague but any help?
The only song that featured in both movies is Magic Moments by PERRY COMO (Disc 2, Track 2).

Do you think it's the one you're looking for?
HAHA! you! You have made my year, I have been wanting to know what song that is for FAR to long, dunca.
can anyone help... in the bridget jones diary film what is the music playing when bridget is in the bath shaving and getting ready to go out to the book launch? it's in so much stuff, but it's not on the soundtrack or extended soundtrack