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Has anyone seen that video on Ebaum's World with that incredible breakdancer???
Does anybody know what song is playing during that video? it's pretty good. It's like a sped up electronical beat lol. I think it's some kind of remix 'cause you can hear phrases from other songs. Or at least I think I've heard 'em before.
Damn yo. Boy can move can't he?

Sorry I don't know the song but that's freakin rad.
Yeah that's what I was thinking.. I'm sure it is real though.

Man I wanna go dancin.
I have not.

What's up with the Random Capitalization Of Words?
Do you know what song it is from Ace Troubleshooter????
No gus old buddy its not their song

she spoke of dancing and i spoke of the band i was listening to
it is not the same as in the video

and i dont know why i was capitalizing th first letter of every word :lol:
*sigh* dang-doodlee-snapper-flap
oh well........ does anyone know any type of song that sounds JUST like it? I know there's a lot of music like that, but I just don't know any band names. Except some songs from Prodigy.
:lol: Oops! I didn't even see that. I think I'll just leave it so everyone can see what we're talking about now.
Oh, cause I'm signed in on my husband's side. Hmm... I might be able to cause I think he has trillian as well. I'll try.
I found the song after I looked around on the internet . I see this is an old thread but if any of you are still wondering, it is a remix of an old Eric B. and Rakim song.
The one you hear is by DJ Db and it is called, "I Know You Got Soul - (Acen remix, with Trade Secrets)"