Brat Camp episode 4


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During this episode from Wednesday July 27th, there was a song about "goodbye" or some sort. It was either during Lexie or Lauren's breakdown. I was going to write the lyrics, but totally forgot what I was doing. Was anyone watching the show that happened to know the lyrics? It was a woman singing. The episode will be replayed next wednesday, August 3rd. If nothing is posted by then, I'll listen and make sure I have some lyrics. Any and all help will be appreciated! :)
I'm looking for the same song as well. This song was played while Lauren was talking to one of the couselors about her dad's death. These are the lyrics that were played during the show.

...memory of you, and I
cannot hold on to you, and I
say goodbye.

And I hold on tight
to the memory of you, and I
cannot hold on to you, at night
and say goodbye.

I'm not 100% sure about the "at night" part but that's what it sounds like the singer is saying.
I am also looking to find out the same song. I have tried every search imaginable and there is nothing on that song. PLEASE let me know what you find out and post it here. It is a beautiful song and I cannot believe that ABC does not post the music credits. Shame on them! I cannot wait to find out the artist/singer of that song.
I watched the show again tonight and I can't find the song anywhere, I've typed in lyrics and searched but nothing...did anyone else figure out what the song was?? I really like it and wanna find out who sings it!!
I'm in the same position. I've searched and searched and can't find anything. I even went as far as to email the network for help but they just sent me a standard form reply with no helpful information.
Wow! Same here! I've been looking for the song ever since it appeared in that episode, but to no avail. I've been checking back every so often to see if this thread had been answered. Unfortunately, it's been two weeks, and there's no reply.

That was when I decided to see if I could find it, perhaps by the use of other phrases. I believe that I've actually found it, based on another forum's thread on the show 'Brat Camp'. One person had said that it's 'Hold On Tight' by Rie Sinclair. Apparently she's an up and coming artist, so that's probably why we've all had trouble looking for the song.

Anyway, here's the link to the thread I stumbled across. Hope it helps!
I heard that exact same song on General Hospital this afternoon, I have a suspision it's Rie Sinclair who sings it by I don't know. I really loved this song. I wish I could find it!
Im pretty sure the song from general hospital, that you are talking about is the same one I was looking for. I was also looking for the song that played during the scene where lucky leaves liz. Turns out its Rie Sinclair who sings both songs.
There was another song in brat camp on yesterdays episode(August 17, 2005) I think it was when it was showing "painted Butterfly" becasue I recall thinking oh they are plaign that song becase thats her name painted butterfly, but then they kept playign it when they were showing the other two kids. It said something about a butterfly, but that's all I could hear beacause there was a lot of talking going on. PLEASE HELP!!
Thanks to all who helped with this song! It was much appreciated! :D