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ok I have been watching the csi episodes on Spike channel for a few nights. During them a comm. comes on I think for shows a bunch of guys in different locations on their phones singing a rap tune. They say someting like "southside, outside". Any takers on this one????
I don't know the song but I can tell you that two of the guys in the commercial are Kanye West and Ludacris. That might help somebody identify it.
Not mentioned on their website under commercials, and yes I did I search before hit post. :p I wasn't really paying attention to the commercial but I heard it while it was on and I swear to god I heard Ludacris in it so that might make it a bit easier. The only lyrics I really remember were part of the chorus if that's what it was and they were :"South side, outside, West Side, let's ride" or something to that effect. It was catchy. I want it. :D
It's a Boost Mobile commercial, but they use Motorola phones so that person in the other post was kinda right. But I had no reason to search for Motorola since that's not what the commercial is for. And well that other post doesn't especially help anyway. :p
Well it helps to clarify for search purposes. Found this but it kinda makes it sound like it was done for the ad. :unsure:
Someone will probably throw something together fro the ringtones if the artists don't though.
Whole City Behind Us
By The Game featuring; Kenya west and ludacris
yo i'm looking for the song from the boost mobile commercial featuring kanye west,ludacris and game well if anybody has any info. on it i would gladly appreciate it.
Originally posted by YSAPrincess23@Sep 18 2004, 08:46 PM
:usesearch: That was already answered here.
ok i guess it has already been answered but i can't find any info. anywhere on here stating that there has, someone just throw me a clue
Originally posted by jenxz1@Sep 18 2004, 10:14 PM
ok i guess it has already been answered but i can't find any info. anywhere on here stating that there has, someone just throw me a clue
:blink: the very last reply in that link, the one YSA gave you above, has the answer. The Game "Whole City Behind Us"
I'm wondering what song is on the nextel boost mobile commmercial is playing,(Where you at?) where it shows ludacris and p. diddy rapping? I thank any of yall for helping me.
The name of the song is where you at boost mobile. I think that the artist is Kanya West.
Thanks for giving me the song name and for yall help. This topic has been answered.
ok, i have seen this commercial multiple times, and i don't know the song that plays in the background. i think it's "where you at?" but when i go to get it it doesnt sound like the right song. i need the title and who its by....thanx in advance