Blade 2


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Does anybody know the song playing when Blade and the vampires enter the club before they fight the zombie vampire guys? It's a techno song but I can't find it anywhere. Somebody please help me :blink:
Did you check the Soundtrack? There is also the movie's Score. Both of the links provide track listings, so maybe that will help you. I haven't seen the movie, so I'm not sure.
Do you know any sites I can check out movie soundtracks?
Audio samples for the soundtrack can be heard in the following link: Blade II Soundtrack.

I also read that there is a club scene featuring a song not found on the Soundtrack. That song is called "Blood is Pumpin'" by Voodoo & Serano, off the album "Cold Blood." (That link goes to an audio sample for the song available on Amazon.)
thank you! thank you! and thank you very much! I found the song. It's called Tao of the Machine by BT. It's on the soundtrack. I don't remember how I found this site but i'm glad i found it. I think i found it through google by accident. Anyways, thanks Michelle! You're really good at this, I've seen you help with other people's questions. :p :D :)
tao of the machine is a kewl song. good music