I think it's something like this?

Going Down Under by Christine Lorentzen

Going Down Under
I see a place before my eyes,
I'm falling into darkness,
Why must I fight to stay alive?
Heroes falling,
Wake me when you hear me calling.
Out of darkness they come crawling!

Here I am,
I am lost in your land,
and I'm holding you near.
Creeping in the soul,

That is all
Let me out. Hear my call,
I am here,
I will always be near.
Creeping in my soul.

Anyone speak Danish?

Wonder if she's going to compete in Eurovision someday?
I e-mailed Lego and here is what they said:"Unfortunately, we do not have any information
at this time if "Creeping in My Soul" will be available in a downloadable format
in the future. Stay tuned to for more information." Interesting thing is I never asked what it was called or used CimS to refer to the song. Maybe if enough people e-mail they'll release it! It's worth a try.
what a great song. whats the name of the artist?
heh. Im retarded. I dont know how I missed that.
Hey guys I just needed help finding the artist that sings A song on the website. Once at the website you go to konika club, then story archive, then year 2006 and then on page three there is a bionicle music video.
The help would be very much appreciated, my nephew is looking for the song so thank you if you are able to help me out.