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Dunno about the song name, but it sounds to me like a remix of the mission impossible theme, especially near the end. It'd be cool if someone found a link to an online version of the ad, so everyone could at least run Windows Sound Recorder, or a similar sound dubbing accessory, to save it to WAV format, then convert it to mp3 for transferring to an iPod, PSP or other cool mp3 player. Well, that's what I'd do anyway. Seriously, though, at least an online link, people! PLEEEASE?
You know what? On second thought, I'll take a safe guess and say that this ad uses one of those "exclusive" songs that isn't being sold anywhere, and I bet nobody's gonna find anything on this song, no matter how kick-a** it is, because of the earlier reason. :( But again, if anyone feels like pulling a rabbit out of a hat and prove me wrong on this, such a move is more than welcome...

-The Gamemaster
Is this the one with the guys/workers who are dancing, and it advertises the "Geek Squad?" Because if it is, I'd venture to say that it was made just for the commercial. :unsure:
Yeah, it is, and you're probably right. Hey, I have a project for everyone viewing this thread: Get to a Windows XP Media Center PC, record a prime timeslot when this ad is most likely to air (usually between 7 and 11 pm weeknights, I've noticed), or if you've already accidentally recorded it on vhs or whatever, run it through the PC and use my tip from my earlier post (windows sound recorder, etc.) and post it online on a yahoo groups site, or some other file download mirror and post the link here. Brilliant, no? Yet again, I wish I wasn't stuck with an old-a** Windows 2000 Gateway desktop myself. Oh, well. Hopefully, a miracle will happen with this song eventually.
Hoping so too! Windows XP Media Center would be quite useful in this situation. :lol:
Hello, all!

Well, I finally found the time to sit down and get a perfectly downloadable, excellently dubbed mp3 of the song used in this ad, which can be downloaded by right-clicking on the below link and hitting "Save Target As...". Now for those of you who are now bouncing off the walls over the concept of finally throwing this song in your iPods once and for all, and no longer losing sleep because this song actually haunts you in the middle of the night constantly since the last time this thread died down (late July), you're welcome. However, as for those of you who pretty much forgot about this song because the original ad is pretty much not being broadcast anymore and it's been way too long since you last even heard this song, and thus found a way to move on with your lives thus rendering my public service moot to you, despite how anxious you were to actually get this song once upon a time, well I pity you. You poor, poor productive members of society. You just haaad to go and get lives, didn't you? Well don't come typing to me about this kind of online-version-of-TV-ad-getting-its-music-manually-extracted-and-being-able-to-be-freely-downloaded-at-your-convenience crap anymore. Good luck living with yourselves. As for the rest of you, here ya go!

-The 'Master