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I would like to know if the song used in the Behr paint commercial is an actual song, or just made for the ad. Any help would be awesome! Thanks! :)
I think that the name of the song and artist is Dido Don't Leave Home.
I just saw this commercial, and I have that Dido CD. They're definitely not the same song... my suspicion is that this was probably made for the ad. Has anyone emailed the company yet?
no i haven't, im surprised that the behr website doesn't a have a link for its ad commercials, but um i hope someone can help, but i know it couldnt be for the ad, this had to be an original song
What makes you say "this had to be an original song"? Lots of companies use music in their television spots that are made simply for the ad. I have emailed the company for you to inquire about the music used and hopefully will get a reply later this week.
Here's the response the company provided, sometimes a simple email to them is the quickest way to find the answer to your question.... too bad this isn't the answer we were hoping for. Sorry guys:

Thank you for contacting BEHR Process with your question.

Unfortunately I am unable to answer that question, the artist is unknown and the music was produced exclusively for the commercial and since we own the rights to it, it cannot be published or reproduced.

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If you should have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to give Behr Technical Services a call. We have representatives available 7 days a week who will be happy to assist you.