Bee Season

It's a new song by IVY called 'I'll Be Near You', written and recorded especially for the movie.

I'm afraid you will have to wait for the soundtrack album...
Ivy has a female lead singer. I don't believe Ivy is the group singing on the trailer. They have written a song for the soundtrack, but not the song in question. That being said, I am just as curious as everyone else is about the song on the trailer.

You're right. It doesn't sound anything like Ivy.

My bad!
No it's IVY's song the lead singer, dominique, wrote it and someone else recorded it because if you listen to the lyrics in the trailer they say "i'll be near you" (during the part when the text "words may define us..." pops out) and the title of the song is "i'll be near you" so it has to be the song!!!! I want it so baddddddddd!!!!!!!!
There is no sog named "I'll be Near You" out.. if it is on the soundtrack, then it isn't out... but there are plenty of words in that trailer... Just because you heard that little bit of the words doesn't mean its the name of the song.
so THIRD_NUT your saying its a coincidence that the band IVY's website says they wrote a song for the movie Bee Season called "i'll be near you" and in the main chorus the lyrics say "i'll be near you"..... its common sense buddy get with the program and I also emailed the band and they said they wrote the song and gave it to the lead composer of the soundtrack Pete nashel who found someone else to sing it and it will be on the soundtrack coming out in novemeber! third_nut ur not as smart as you think next time do some research! but anyways guys the song wont be out till the soundtrack comes out so unfortunately we have to wait.
I'm glad you guys got this cleared up. Adding to the confusion, however, is the fact that the Featurette for "Bee Season" has a song near the very end that is almost certainly Ivy and something I've never heard by them. Download the featurette and have a listen. Maybe someone will know who this is.

It sucks that we have to wait it out for that Pete Naschel/Ivy song in the trailer. That song sounds really good.

To show you what a fanatic I am, I made an MP3 file from the trailer and put it on my iPod. :unsure:
C'mon guys!!!!!......with all this conversing back and forth there should of been at least an accurate answer layed down.
Your looking for the song from the Bee Season Trailer:

"God knows what we are made of.
God knows what we are afraid of.
And if you cry, I will cry for you.
I will save you
I will sacrifice my life.
I will love you.....for who you are.
Not for who you used to be."

The guy sounds kinda like John Mayer....right? We'll everyone was kinda right.....but never should let it rest on the wrong information. Without a reasonable doubt the accurate name of this song and the guy who sings it is:

Scott Mallone- "I'll Be With You"
So it wasn't Ivy huh? Strange, I read somewhere that it was. That Scott Malone song is definitely the one though. Thanks to everyone who got that! :D

I see hits for 'I'll Be With You' but then on that site it says it's called 'What We're Made Of.' Hmm, not sure which one is the correct title.

~ Mia ~
This song sounds so familiar. It's driving me crazy! Does anyone know what it is? Bea Season is the new movie with Juliet Binochet and Richard Gere, and you can see the trailer at Thanks!!
yes the song is by Ivy and its called "I'll be near you"..... it plays at the end of the movie.... I hope this is the one your looking for!!!
hey there.. i was wondering if anyone knew the song that plays during the trailer for the movie Bee Season... it stars Richard Gere , and its about spelling bee
I have looked all over for this song but cant find it...

Here are some of the lyrics.... it almost sounds kind of like Five for Fighting

In time i will show you
i will wait right here
??? and if i cry
i'll be near you
i will hold you in my heart
no matter where you are
i'll be with you
because of who you are i will love you
because of who you are i will love you

any help would be awesome!