Beautiful Like You


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0, this isn't a commercial song or a movie track.....but i accidentally downloaded this a month back thinking it was beautiful by garbage. It definitely isn't what I was looking for, but its a catchy song. the singer is male, low mellow voice, a few pitches above the crash test dummies. The song has a synth reed, a steady drum beat and acoustic guitar chords with a few techno sounds mixed in. The main lyrics are:

Jude me by my outside, cuz i've got nothing on the inside
Judge me by my face, i'm beautiful like you
This is what i'm good at, smiling being perfect
And when i go to sleep at night i'm feeling sad and empty

This is driving me crazy! please help. The file is saved on my computer as Beautiful_Like_You.rar if that helps. If you want to hear the song, e-mail me and i'll send it.