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Does anyone know what song is in the new Banana Republic commercial? The lyrics include the line, "are you beautiful on the inside?"
Recent BR ad with a male voice
you never know when you meet someone will she be the one
are you beautiful on the inside
It took me all evening since I asked that same question, but I finally found out the song is by Chris Pierce. You can hear the whole song on his website, He has a "record player" that plays 6 of his songs. I am enjoying them right now!

:D Great! I just saw this commercial and loved the song!

Thanks so much for finding and posting the info on Chris Pierce, his website and the song! So happy to look here and find what I wanted!

Search works yet again!
I'm trying to find out the artist and title of the song currently playing in the new Banana Republic Commercial. On eof the lines is "...are you beautiful on the inside?" Any help?
Does anyone know the name of the song in the new Banana Republic commercial? I can't remember the lyrics exactly, but it goes something like "You never know when you meet someone, if they'll be the one" and "I wonder if you're beautiful inside."

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
please help.
saw a banana republic commercial with model mark vanderloo and actress claire forlani.
he is getting dressed, packing a bag, and you hear a song that sounds so much like dave matthews, he gets to her place and slips plane tickets under her door and she opens the door and hugs him....very romantic beautiful song.
i swear its dave matthews,,,
I need a title to the song.....
oh and it aired twice on Bravo tonight while I watched "project runaway"
thanks in advance.
The person that sings that song is Chris Pierce-- he doesn't have a label so you can only buy the cd on his website -- however the acoustic version that you hear on the commerical is on itunes-- the regular version is on the album. :D

the song is called "are you beautiful"
This commercial is by Banana Republic and theres about 9 of them with the same song. The lyrics are "You never know, when you meet someone if they should be the one. You never know and I wonder to myself, I wonder to myself are you beautiful, on the inside" The most recent one has a women dressing and her boyfriend slips airplane tickets under the door. Then they hug and the Banana Republic logo comes up.
Does anyone know the name of the artist and song being played on the current Banana Republic ad that is being shown on TV?

The commercial has this guy and girl rubbing all over each other. That's all I can really remember, but I know I liked the song.

hope someone can help. thanks.
I think it was maybe 2 years ago, maybe only about one, but during the first season of Project Runway on Bravo, there was a cotton commercial and I'm looking for that song. It was actually 2 commercials, one from the guy's point of view and one from the girl's. The lyrics to the song were something like "You never know when you find someone will they be the one"... I would LOVE to find out what this song is called or who sang it. I loved it so much. Thanks!

Ooh!!! Ooh!!!

Actually, the ads were for Banana Republic ... there was the series following the woman's perspective/activities in preparation for a date ... and there was the series following the guy's perspective/activities in preparation for the same date ...

I loved that song ... actually wrote to BR about it ... they told me who it was ...

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, I happened upon the CD in the store and had to get it ...

Chris Pierce "Are You Beautiful" from Static Trampoline

There you go.