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Hey, does anyone know the song being played in the Bailey's minis commercial? Its an upbeat song, no words (at least not in the commercial)....there is a flute playing in it also. In the commercial, i think its a party....and it shows someone putting the mini bottles in the fridge. Any help is appreciated!
I've only seen the ad with the people sitting in the driveway drinking the Minis, I think the theme was "Tailgating" -- is this the same ad you're referring to? I don't know the music though for that one either...

I tried looking on their website, but it really sucks and isn't helpful... :unsure:
Actually, no, the commercial I am looking for is not the driveway one....its the one at the party where people are walking around...then the fridge opens and they show the Bailey's minis. Like I said, there is a cool flute part in the song. The song playing in the driveway one is called "So Far Out" by the Mosquitos (i think). Anyone know which one Im talking about??
i think i know what commercial youre talking about. Is that the one that at the end it says something like "VIP room redefined" and everyone is on a tiny ass balcony? I dont think im mixing up commercials here.... :unsure:
Hmmm im not sure if thats the commercial. I know that sounds familiar but for some reason i cant picture that. All i know is that in this particular commercial, there are people walking around, at a party...and someone opens the fridge and it zooms in on the Bailey's Minis on the shelf on the door of the fridge. The music has a good beat and a flute the commercial there is no singing in the song.
yeah i just realized that there is a long and short version of that same commercial. One says "minibar redefined" when the fridge is opened and the minis are in the egg holders, and the longer one starts the same way, but actually goes through the party to a balcony and says "VIP room redefined" as i stated on a previous post. I dont know if the songs are the same, I need to see them both again.
yeah, its the commercial when they show the Minis in the egg holders....i dont know how else to describe the song but it has a flute in it, thats all i can think of to describe...with a dancy kinda beat to it.
hey~ i was searching for this same music and adtunes web site popped up in my google search. sooooooooo... basically i gave up trying to find the song.. THEN.. i play a song that i've had for a long time and i think i've had this music all along. i'm pretty sure but not 100% sure that the song is :

Sensual Woman by The Herbaliser from the Snatch Soundtrack.
That's not it. Not sure what the song is (haven't really looked, either), but I'm almost positive it's not The Herbaliser. Great song, though.
I don't know what Baileys commercial this song is from. There is another post on this site for a dif Baileys commercial and I gave them he same link. But this song is from one of them!! :)
'Boombox' by the Mosquitos.
Different song definitely than any of the ones currently airing under the Bailey's Minis "Redefined" ads.
To clear up, since there are three versions of the ad airing:

The Baily's "Tailgating" ad (people sitting in the driveway) features the song "Boombox" by the Mosquitos.

The Baily's "Minibar Redefined" ad (party inside, at the end of the ad, the fridge is opened to show the Mini's in the egg holder thingy) -- music not figured out yet.

The Baily's "VIP Room" ad (people at party, standing on the tiny balcony outside) -- music not figured out.
Man what's up with Baileys and their music. Hehe. This is like the 3rd thread.

I hope Michelle doesn't get mad at me for dragging this old post up from the gutters, but some of us out here are still looking for the "jazzy flute" song from the Bailey's Mini commercial.

The only thing that I can add to the above descriptions of the commercial is that the Minis are sitting in the egg holder in the fridge door.

Anybody? Can you help?
I don't mind, so long as you don't start a brand new topic on the same question.. ya know? ;)
Okay, okay! No need to boycott Bailey's anymore. It took a month, but they finally did get back to me. The song is
"Shamma Lamma Ding Dong" by Mocean Worker.
Yay! I'm off to iTunes to buy it!