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hey does anyone know the music for the axe commerical, its the new shower gel one. the song is in like mexican or something
Hi, I know 'stupidturd' has posed the question before on Mar. 7, but... really.. it's bugging me too. Does anyone know the song in that commercial for Axe shower gel? Starts with some guys and their dogs hassling some chick, (her brothers maybe?) and waving underwear around, the dogs sniff it and go after this guy who just snuck out a window. He runs through a sprinkler, lathers up in Axe. Hops a fence.. jumps into a pool. Climbs out and lays on a chair. The dogs and guys catch up at the pool.. but don't know it's him and the dogs lost the scent.
It ends with the girl in the chair next to him winking at him.
The song in the background is some Spainish.. hip hop?
Any clues appreciated, thanks!
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Yeah, I'd love to know too. Every time I see the ad it gets stuck in my head. I agree, it sounds like spanish or italian grungy hip hop.
Hi, i need to know the the titl and/or where to find the song from this particular commercial.

The commercial opens with a bald guy holding up a pair of men's underwear while the wife's "boyfriend" runs through the garden and through the neighbourhood, all while this particular song, a spanish language rap, is playing in the background.

At the end this "consort" showers off with the axe shower gel and sits in the lawn chair.

No answer as yet.

Might possibly be 'Factor Miedo' by CARTEL DE SANTA.
I'd like to know what song is playing during a New Axe Shower Gel commercial. I don't know if you've seen it, I've only seen it once on g4techtv during X Play.

It's the one where it seems like Mexican gangsters are after a guy who slept with the leader's daughter. It ends with him hiding poolside and another women is there and winks at him.

It's spanish rap and it sounds like Control Machete, but with Fermin. If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it very much.

Peace to all.
this was an axe comnmercial. it was a spanish rap song. the comercial was of a guy running from these guys with dogs, and he was naked and he washed himself with axe and then the dogs couldnt find him.
yes i would also like to know about this song but its kinda scary cause of the woman screaming in the backround
Ok, you lot... Use search. I've seen at least two other incarnations of this same question. And I'm pretty sure it's even been answered there.
Anyone know the song to the Axe Commercial? Where the dad of the girl finds the underpants... he darts out of the house... being chased by dogs... goes to a sprinkler with a bottle of Axe puts it on him... darts off to a pool... jumps in... get out sits down with a towel over his crotch and a girl looks over to him and winks after the dogs goes away then going off to the screen "How dirty boys get clean"

to me its sounds german... :x
Thanks... I did search... but the search results showed Axe commercials from the past.. I guess my keywords were not specified enough.