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Not sure how new this commnercial is - saw it for the first time tonite.
Man is shown in various (lonely) travel situations (empty hotel room, nodding off in a cab, etc.) then near the end, while sitting in the airport, starts talking to his young daughter sitting next to him on an airport bench. When the spot zooms back, he is actually talking to her on the cell phone about her day (she palyed soccer or something like that...)
Song is a gentle instrumental with guitar.
Anyone know if this was composed for the ad or is it something I can get me hand on.

Sorry to bear some bad news...

I emailed AT&T about the commercial, and they replied that the song was created for the commercial, and is not available for purchase. It's too bad. Great commercial and great music.

marinerfan --

Who at AT&T did you email? I'd like to check with them about the "I'm an idiot" AT&T wireless commercial that I asked about here a couple days ago.

You know, I just went to the at&t website, clicked contact us, and sent them a general message. They got back to me very quickly, in spite of the fact that I am not a customer, per se. Best of luck.
The commercial is of a man who's aparently on a business trip, which appears to be a rather dull, unappreciating trip...

He has trouble with his hotel keycard, his bed is as big as a thimble, flights are delayed, and so on... as he's sitting there, apparently pretty stressed out and lonely, his daughter appears next to him and he perks up... eventually the shot is intruppted by a person walking by and when the man is seen again the girl has vanashed, and he's now on his cellphone.

I really love the serene, subtle tone of the song and I'd appreciate if anyone could come up with a title/artist (if one exists, it seems AT&T likes to be origional sometimes...)

this commercial drove me nuts for weeks. I believe it came out in 2004, maybe 2003. The music in the background was acoustic guitar. The ad featured a man who had been away from his family for a long time (probably a business trip). It shows him at different locations (hotel room, taxi, airport) looking sad. The ad ends with him calling his daughter while in an airport. The commercial then shows her sitting next to him as if the phone had brought them together. real sweet commercial, great background music.