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does anybody know the song which is used in the armageddon trailer?
Which trailer are you referring to? Do you have a link to watch it online? What does the song sound like?
I remember that the trailer for Armageddon used quite a bit of music from The Rock, a Jerry Bruckheimer film realsed just a year or so earlier. So, I'll go out on a limb and say that the music you're looking for is probably the main theme from The Rock. It's quite popular as trailer music these days.
I'm gonna go out on my limbs :) and say that it's most likely music from 'The Rock' too. However, I do remember there being some soft music with a choir right at the beginning of one particular Armageddon trailer. You have 'Mr Voice(over)' saying something about "life is limited, but love is forever". Then you hear Steve Buscemi talking to Bruce Willis - "Gracie grew up to be a full blown hottie" to which Bruce replies "You're talking about my little girl here." The song that's played during that particular sequence is called Pain and Retribution, composed by Graeme Revell for The Crow soundtrack.

There's also another track during the trailer, heard when Bruce Willis is talking to the NASA people about his crew's requests, and not paying taxes again... ever. That track is called Lear Crash composed by Mark Mancina and Trevor Rabin for the Con Air soundtrack.

But as Michelle said navy, you have to point us to a link to the trailer so we can hear exactly what track you're after. Or simply tell us when in the trailer the music you want is heard.