Any Given Sunday


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There's a techno song early in the film, when Willie Beaman is taking his first snaps at QB. It's upbeat and pretty fast-paced. I don't think there are any lyrics to the music--at least, there are none in the movie.

Anyway, I'm going crazy trying to figure out what this song is. Anyone have a clue? I really appreciate it.
There's a list of songs from the movie here -- maybe that will help. Usually they are listed in order of appearance in the movie.
OK ... I hear a song clip with lyrics that go "you use me ... you use me up ... " with a great beat. Sounds like Van Morrison, but I am unable to find it. I believe it plays when Jamie Fox is running passing drills, but cannot seem to find any credits for it on the DVD either.

It has also recently played on a GMC Truck commerical ... it's early when the robotic arms are welding the front end body frame.

Can someone help me?
This has already been answered here (and again by me in TV commercials) ...

Bill Withers - "Use Me"


There you go.
Anyone happen to know the song played in "Any Given Sunday"? It's in one of the early game sequences and it's an orchestral techno track with violins is the best way to describe it. I have also heard it on a car ad but not sure which one, either mazda or nissan a few years back.
Thanks alot, that was it. You're a lifesaver. That has been bothering me for years.
I am trying to figure out the composer or song that is played at the end of the movie. It is the last snap of the game when Jamie Foxx runs in for the winning TD.