American Psycho

the song kinda reminds me of the film A History of Violence

a bit on the off topic. His names Tom and he owns a diner
Anyone know the music and artist(s) to the songs in the above link? And are any of them on the movie soundtrack and score, if a soundtrack and score was ever released?

Seems to me like there's 3 songs:
1. From start to 0:15
2. From 0:15 to 0:17
3. From 0:17 to the end

Been looking for info on the music to that video for quite a long time.

Thanks :)
John Cale composed the score, but it was never released. As I recall the music from the film was either brooding drones or 80's pop, so I doubt these were taken from the score. First cue sounds a bit like late-90's big beat (prodigy, fatboy slim, etc.) though.
American Pyscho

Does anyone know the jazzy type music playing in the background of the american pyscho trailer.

The music starts at about 1:15. Link for the trailer is below.

It's an excellent sound. Just need to find out what it is!!