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Anybody know the orchestral piece that plays on the Robert DeNiro commercial? It uses alot of strings.
Im sure this has been discused here before. God knows how old it is in America, but the ad is just airing in my contry.

Just wanna know the name of the song
He Magilune,

Just wanted to say ur avatars are too cool B)

anyone know the name of the song from that commercial of american express with robert de niro?
i saw an american express commercial featuring Robert Denerio walking through NY and there is a orchestrated song in the background. its one of those "my life, my card" commercials
I dunno....i downloaded the philip glass version. i can see how it sounds the same. but the one in the ad is louder and more vibrant. the philip one is all quiet and never picks up.
I think I agree with Brenderous. It sounds similar, but is not the same. The one used in the ad also has some french horn, and the Kronos Quartet of couse is only strings.

Just my thoughts.
I hate to disagree, but I think that the song in the commercial is actually 'Ahhnaten' by Philip Glass instead. Listen to minute 1, 5, and 7. It's in there I think.