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I hope no one has posted about this one yet. I ran a search and nothing came up. Anyway It is the new AE commercial that is out. The commercial starts out with a girl with a hand bag and then people pick her up and she starts crowd surfing in front of a concert. The person then changes to different people and ends with this hot chick. The commercial then ends with American eagle on the tv and and wut not. The music that is playing is punk/funk i dont know how to explain it. It's good though. Hope someone knows the tune. If i missed anything drop a line.
There's a semi-new AE commercial that has people at a concert and they're body-surfing and whatnot and I like the music but I can't find out what it is! :confused: It sounds like a female singer and it's pretty upbeat. Help please!!
Every time I go to the dining hall, I see an ad for American Eagle clothes on the tv there, which broadcasts mtvU. In it, a girl goes to a concert and gets lifted up or something. It's an upbeat song, and I think that I recently saw it in a movie trailer to, but I've checked everything I thought it might be on and can't seem to find it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about (I know it's really vague), it'd be a help. Thanks.
The Afters hit single "Beautiful Love"

Let me know if this isn't what your looking for. :)
The Morningwood song's the one. Thanks so much! That was so quick.
I can only honestly remember the American Eagle commerical with the song, but I also remember hearing the same song for a car commerical and a movie commercial. Well, the American Eagle commerical had a girl in plaid, jumping around at a concert, and she gets lifted into the air and moved to the front of the stage. Weird, choppy movement as the crowd danced as a whole. Anybody know the name and artist of the song? I remember just the lyric...." To The Nth Degree"