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hey, i hope some of you remember the OLD american eagle commercial that played a couple of summers ago..:

a girl is changing and getting ready in her room and she finally climbs down her tree and into the street where she meets w/ a guy and they kiss in the street...

i am desperate to find the song that played during that commercial...i know it was a long time ago but i recently found this site...please help!

I remember that commercial....except I mostly remember how hot I thought that girl was. I want to know that song too.
haha atleast some1 remembers it...come on...some1 out there knows it:)
I love this one song I heard on an American Eagle commercial. Its the commercial where the girl climbs out the window to meet the guy. It was out about a year ago. I never been able to find out who sings it. I also heard the song once in the background of a Real World Las Vegas episode. If you have any idea who sings this song please please please tell me. I have searched for it FOREVER. :unsure: