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I was at American Eagle last week and i heard a song which i had heard multiple times at their store but only just recently. I cant' figure out what it is. It is a hiphop type song where there is a guy rapping and the background music kinda sounds like a marching band....Ive looked everywhere and i cant figure this out so if anyone has any idea please post it.....
You should ask the person working the check-out counter, especially if you keep hearing the same song in the store -- they probably are playing an "American Eagle" corporate selected CD mix, and could tell you the name of the song. I think someone was talking about how they actually sell a CD of music heard in their stores -- it was one of those stores, at least... Gap, AE, Urban Outfitters... etc.
I was in ae today and heard a song I really liked but the store employees didn't know the name of the song or group because they are only sent a disc with no information about it. the song was faster rock and I would guess the title was "i never". If anyone knows about this song please let me know. Thanks.
Can you describe the song? genre, tempo, lyrics, male/female vocals?
I'm gonna have to go back to the store and listen better or bring my computer and see if that guy will let me rip that track. But I will try to answer your questions:

vocals are A male
tempo fast, definitely not slow
genre, I'm bad at this, reminds me of dashboard confessionals? because of the guitar and maybe lifehouse...I think that's the band.
the only lyrics I remember are "I never" but the song seems to be about losing a girl or something relationship related.
sorry I don't know more but thanks for asking.
There is a song called "Am I Ever Gonna Find Out" by Lifehouse from their album Stanley Climbfall, could that be the song your looking for? Maybe you heard "I ever" and thought he said "I never"?

Amazon (Scroll down for track listing & audio samples)
I checked that song but it was not the same. I happened to be at the mall again today and went by the store but the disc had been scratched so they were waiting on another one. They told me to check dmx/aei music who makes the discs for them and see if they had a playlist but I haven't yet been able find anything.
How about "Never Let You Go" by Third Eye Blind from their album Blue?

Amazon (Scroll down for track listings and audio samples)
no it's definitely not "never let you go". I think it was more acoustic style guitar. searched what I could at dmx/aei but couldn't find any playlists or cd compilations.
Oops, I forgot to ask, did you do a lyrics search on Google or Yahoo?
yeah I tried but unfortunately I can't remember any lyrics except what I'm guessing is the title. "i never".
i work at AE and i know the song you're talking about, i think. it goes something like "she's touching his chest, now he takes off her dress, now let me go- i cant look, it's killing me, jealousy...i never, i never, i never"
anyway, if that's the song. it's called 'mr. brightside' by the killers. if its not the song, i'll try to look on the soundtrack next time i go to work.
Thank you so much aejuno who ever you are! that's the song and I was way off on the description. Thank you so much!
hah, you're welcome. believe it or not, when i stumbled upon this forum, i was looking for the name of the exact song and was trying to google the lyrics i remembered, since i had heard it like 3 times already while working and i loved it. the killers happened to sing also 'somebody told me', which was also on the last soundtrack the store had before the new one.
does anyone know the song that goes ....i spend days and nights in my bedroom trying to write the perfect song to sing you, i write a song everyday, but she wont like it anyways i dunno soemthing like that, i know how the song goes i just want to know what its called. its a punk rock type of song
Posting two different threads for the same question won't get it answered any faster. ;)
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