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hey, i've been looking for quite some time for this tune. i first heard it on Amercian movie classics commercial, the one where they say stuff like "these are the movies that stick with you, these are the greats" (the music has no words) it sounds a little jazzy. and recently i've seen it on commercials for dairy queen and will someone please help me!! this song is taunting me, and i just wanna get it. thanks
hi...i watch the channel too and i've seen the commercial, but i don't quite remember what it sounds like. can you describe it a little what instrument, if the song is fast or slow...or anything else :)
it's fairly slow, kinda like a slap bass playing a cool riff and thens these old sounding horns sound, kinda like an old movie. sounds jazzy and bluesy, but still modern, yuck, it's hard, that's the best i can do. it's on dairy queen and commercials with the endless hotdog and the hotline commercials. I guess i'll just assume it's a orginal composition, unless someone can help
Like HBO, AMC is constantly changing their commercials, so I really don't have any idea about this particular ad. (If you do a search for "_AMC" (the "_" gets around the four letter or more rule of searching), you'll see what I mean.)

Has anyone tried emailing AMC and asking? Their website also has a message forum and an area devoted to the music featured on their "Movies at 8" ads.
Ahoy hoy,

I emailed them in relation to this thread.

Here's the reply:

"Thank you for your email. Your feedback is very important to us.

Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with much information regarding your request. Most of our music comes from our promo library, and as such, is not always easily identified. However we appreciate your interest. Thank you for contacting AMC.

AMC Viewer Services"

Where is the area you mentioned that's devoted to "Movies at 8" ?