Am I the only person who's ever heard this...


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This song isn't from a commercial but rather something I heard in a store about nine months ago and never was able to erase from my head. I'm pretty sure it's techno, but I don't listen to it so I'm not sure. It's sung by a male with a deeper voice, and although I only heard the song once, I think some of the lyrics are "Wanna go for a ride with us maybe/baby" and "I see you baby but I can't/don't see no one else". The /'s are to seperate two words I couldn't decide on. I couldn't find it on Google, but perhaps someone has heard it before!
what store did you hear it in? you could try asking them if they get to play their own choice of music, or if it's given to them on a corporate/all stores CD thing.
I heard it in an Urban Outfitters. They always have different music playing, I think the staff just brings it in and pops it in the CD player.
if it was a store cd, then maybe the song would be included on the urban outfitters cd. i know they have a compilation cd w/ songs they said were exclusively mixed for their store...
It was fast, but it wasn't incredibly fast.

And I don't think it was the store cd because it was a few songs after a Moby song and when I checked their cd, Moby wasn't listed. I'm hoping it was some sort of compilation album that Moby was included on and not just some mix cd someone made.
thats a pretty kewl album. my kind of music. Ill have to pick that up. good stuff
How the HELL did you ever find that?! I've been searching forever. THANK YOU!