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Can anyone help me in finding a list of ALL songs used in this movie not just the ones on the soundtrack. Thanks
yes, thank you for posting that. i didnt know the song "small time blues" was available on CD, but it is!!! I LOVE that song!!
I know for sure that Neil Young's "Cortez The Killer" is not on that movie. There is howevor a Neil Young song played while the band and the kid are walking through the hallway of the airport after the plane scene. I'm completely stumped on the name of this song. The chord progression is kindof like "Cortez", but that song wasn't released until 1975. Almost Famous takes place in 1973.
okay, I have looked and looked for this song-even just a name. It is played twice in the movie; (1) After the first Stillwater concert when Penny is asking William if he wants to go to Morocco (the "ask me again line<--so sweet! and the "family whistle" in the background) and (2) again as she is on the plane and he is running through the airport watching her take off.

I know Nancy Wilson (Cameron's wife) scored a few originals for this movie. The song I am asking about is not Lucky Trumble. Any ideas would be appreciated.

i love this movie! i wish i knew the answer to your question, sadly i dont....
yeah bb-I think this movie has one of the most amazing soundtracks! But I would expect nothing less from Cameron Crowe. If anyone out there has not seen it yet (what is WRONG with you if you haven't?) take the time to watch it. You will not be disappointed!

I happened to watch this for the first time the other night, and tried to figure out this question before I sent it back to netflix. No luck. There's nothing listed in the credits that's not on the IMDB soundtrack listing, other than the couple of songs by Nancy Wilson co-produced by Peter Frampton. While watching the two scenes cited, I couldn't make out the instrumental nor match it with anything on the soundtrack, so I think it must be one of those Wilson/Frampton songs.

If that's the case, i'm not sure where you would find them.

Agreed, great movie.
As William is browsing through the albums that his sister has left him, they barely show the covers of most of them.. can anyone list ALL the albums that are shown starting from the first one (The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds) till the one after The Who: Tommy..? Thank you.
i know led zeppelin II, the rolling stones, and joni mitchell were featured in that scene; can't recall the order, though...
so far i have..

Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
__ blank
The Rolling Stones: Big Hits: High Tide and Green Grass
The Rolling Stones: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out
Led Zeppelin: II
Jimi Hendrix: Bold As Love
Cream: Wheel of Fire
Joni Mitchell: Blue
Bob Dylan: Blonde on Blonde
The Who: Tommy
__ blank
the second one is james taylor's ''sweet baby james". you should check out the untitled/bootleg version dvd! it has 2 more lps: Crosby, Stills & Nash and Neil Young.
wow, thanks so much. i got them all now (i figured out that the last one was just the inside cover of Tommy, which made me feel kind of stupid). thanks for your help, and i'll deffinatley check out that dvd.