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Alias season 3

Does anyone know where I can find this song or info on the band?

Artist: Beamish
Song: "Psycho Slam"

Alias Sease 3 Episode 5

Well, I found a site that said their label was Extreme Production Music. And, if you visit their site there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the front page stating: "Extreme Music is for professional use only. Not for sale to the general public."

So, from that I'm assuming "Beamish" is the name of the studio musician who created the music that was used in the show.
i needed to know the name of the song playin on the jan.18th episode of "ALIAS" it played at the end. as usual your help is really appreciated. :ph34r:
the artist's name is Damien Rice, and the title of the song is "Delicate."
Good find - thanks for the info.

You can find the song "Delicate" on Damien Rice's album O.
Alias season 3

Does anyone know if they are planning on releasing the Alias score, or at least a soundtrack? This show has one of the most badass score/soundtracks around and they really should release something.
In Season 3 of Alias, Episode 6 titled "The Nemesis" a techno/Dance song is playing about halfway though the episode when Sydney and Vaughn first appear in a club in Milan. Francie is in this episode as well. I was wondering if anyone knew what song this was and by whom?