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Does anyone know ANY of the songs Adult Swim plays during their B&W card commercials?
Do you see the little annoyed smiley? That means he's annoyed; because you didn't use the search feature.
SEARCH is your friend. :D
u know ive been all over looking for this same information. all i have left to do is email the creators.
i did a google search and ended up here. followd the link u posted and did an adult swim search. then a b&w adult swim. then i went to and looked for stuff there,... anyways, i cant find anything.
if you know the answer to the thread starters question can u please point me in the right direction?
well, ONE thing you can do is go to and register there and join the forums because they have an entire forum section JUST FOR B&W CARD MUSIC!!!!!

isn't that amazing? sure is. however, i can tell you right now, seeing as i used to post there a bit, a lot of the stuff you hear in the bumps is from the Turner Library which means we can't get it. period. so maybe you'll get lucky and the stuff you want wasn't from the library but go there and post anyway. FIRST search for anything you know about the bump in case it's already been answered, and if nothing comes up, make a post with any info you know about the bump. what it contained, the date, the type of song, the lyrics, anything.
We try to answer whatever we can on the [adult swim] boards - for the picture bumps there is also :rolleyes: new and improved and still getting better