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Is a remix of Eurythimics Sweet Dreams that is played during the Adult Swim. Looking to see who did this remake. Is very technoish and is a drawn in sketchy cartoon on top of real scenes from the cartoon.
By any chance was cartoon was this song playing over?

I know of two remixes of Sweet Dreams. One is by a woman named La Bouche and the other was done by Marylinn Manson.

Edit:I meant to ask, "What was the cartoon in the commercial you saw?"
There were no lyrics at all, just the electronica music.
I'd try the Adult Swim website. They answer pretty much all queries about their bump music.
this was TOM GOES TO THE MAYOR. and it justr has the mayor flipping back and fourth between two moves and a little of Tom. I know as soon as i saw this i instantly though opf the song but I'm not sure if it's the same, cause it sounds a bit different and yet the same. I thought for a sec and thought that maybe they wanted to use the song but the recording co. wouldn't let them so they used something that sounded almost identical....but then again i don't know much of anything.
That's the one. I registered over at Adult Swim, but you have to wait 48 hours to post. :)
You can post in an existing thread but you can't start one. Try the Williams Street Culture forum, there you can find the thread for the bumper music.
Thread was hijacked in about 10 minutes over there so they are useless.