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this commercial is a cartoon and it's for the VMA's on sunday and sponsoring acuvue contacts it had male vocals but i don't know the lyrics anyways HELP ME AHHHHHH :blink: :blink: :blink:
i just saw this ad and i thought the song was pretty cool. i don't have any info to add, but it would nice to find who does this song.
There was a vector of a girl wearing glasses, and she was picturing herself in a red dress without glasses. Then they show some contact lenses and there's this emo/indie/rock/whatever song playing in the backround and the only lyric I remember is "You are heeeeeeeeerrrrrreeeeee"

Anyone know who sings that, man.
alright, I was watching the 2004 MTV Video Music Awards and they kept giving this one commercial from Acuvue promoted by the 2004 MTV VMAs...cuz it had the name in the commercial

I cant remember the beat...but if anyone knows what im talking about and can tell me the name of the song i will be most greatly grateful!

Btw...the commercial was made like if it was all had that 2d effect on it...ring any bells? hehe ^^;
;) i checked the website nothing about commercials music but it did direct me to mtv ???? maybe somenone should check there ??
It's "You Are Here" by Sam Bisbee. You can listen to it on his website (, and watch the very cool video for the song.