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hey all,

i posted here before maybe 2 or 3 years ago looking for this song. i still have not found it. i dont remember anything about it now other than i really liked it. i heard it in a car commercial some time in the late 90's or early 00's. i have since heard it once played by my university radio station but that was 5 years ago and i never found out what it was called. i believe it was a honda commercial, not for any particular car but for the brand itself. it showed a lot of shots of cars being built by robots and i think there was also a clip of an F1 car. i dont remember if there are any lyrics to the song itself, there certainly werent any in the commercial. the only thing i remember about the song is that there is a part, (maybe the beginning?) with a guitar that starts low, goes high and then comes back down again and is very distorted. it makes a continuous sound.

there is so little to go on i dont know if ill ever find it. hopefully someone will just remember the car commercial. if you have even the slightest idea what it could be even if you didnt see the commercial please let me know i dont mind spending time searching for this. i havnt heard it in 5 years and it really bothers me that i cant find it!
If you posted about it previously - do you remember your old screen name, by chance (or is that why you re-registered :D) ? Old posts might have some additional info from you (or responders) that might add some extra insight. :)
i definitely dont remember my old screen name. its not bill withers. it sounded a lot newer, definitely a 90s song. sounded like it was more towards electronica or experimental rock than any form of mainstream music. this was definitely not the type of song youd hear frequently played on any radio station.
When you said Robots it reminded me of this one commercial a few years ago that had Robots building a Red sports car on an assembly line and like a voice over saying how in the future cars well be built with new plastics that have paint embedded in them or something like that...

Does that ring a bell?

That was so random.
im not quite sure. it was definitely a few years ago but i dont remember any voice over. i have only an extremely vague memory of the commercial though so you could be on the right track. really im almost just looking for people to start throwing the names of as many electronica and exparimental rock groups as they can at me and ill sort through them, although im not even positive if this is the correct genre. the commercial was on tv some time between 1997 and 2001 so this is the window im looking at.
The only thing I can think of is "Light and Day" from 'The Polyphonic Spree' I really hope that helps, it's an awesome song from one of those honda car commercials around '99..
well im almost positive it was a honda commercial. so is there anywhere i can go to look or browse through honda commercials between 1997 and 2001?
The timing isn't quite right (the commercial I'm thinking of was out about a year ago), but it sounds like you're looking for 'That Right Ain't Shit' by The Books. That song was featured on a Hummer commercial. The commercial showed Hummers being assembled in a factory.
nope definitely not a hummer commercial and i am positive on the dates because i remember where i was living when i saw it. plus i was looking for this commercial on this website back in 04. i dont really know anymore. this is so unbelievably frustrating.
I know this doesn't sound like the song with the guitar like you described, but is this the commercial?

I found it, and thought maybe because it was a robot, and for Honda...

or this?
nixer, thats it. you know what to be honest i last heard it so long ago that it sounded different in my head but that was exactly the commercial i described and that i remember. im almost positive that was it. how random is it that you just had that on an old vhs? does anyone know what that song is called and who its by?

ill know for sure when i hear the whole song.

thanks so much for your help.
yeah i just watched it again that was the song. ive been looking for that for so long i never thought id find it! now who knows what its called? :lol:
already found it. called "instrumental" by galaxy 500. its downloading now
I could of told you the song too, but I wasn't sure if it was the one.

Glad I could help you.

Oh and about randomly having it on a VHS...

I use to record Simpson episodes for a friend because he worked when they were showing and when I first read your post I remembered an ad with robots and future plastics or what not like I posted above and I remember having recorded that commercial on tape... but while viewing all the tapes I came upon the Acura one and it seemed like it fit but I wasn't sure because you described the guitar part differently but I figured I'd throw it in there...

I know what its like to have something stuck on your mind that you can't get out of your head so... plus I was bored from working all week so it gave me something challenging to do.

So yeah enjoy man!