A Song Called Low Fi ?


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Went to the movies this weekend at a theater called Rave anyway before the movie"and before the actual trailers " they were playing songs by what sounded like new artists . it sounded piped in anyway it was hard to hear the information with all the mingling but i did catch the name of this one particular song called Low Fi or maybe Lo Fi i'm not sure which but that's it i didn't catch the name of the group as it was pretty crowded. There is a song by stereolab called Low Fi but it's not it can anyone help me with this.
Another small bit of info incase anyone would know this song was played on the service Movietunes and i believe they were showcasing new music.
Never mind after extensive searching and an E-mail to movietunes i found out the song is called "Lo Fi" by a group called "Superlitio" now i just need to find out where it's available for purchase.
I found that Amazon.com has Superlitio with the song Low Fi. But, I heard the other tracks on Superlitio's own site and it's odd that the entire album is filled with really bad Latin music and Low Fi is the only one that stands out and sounds better...