A Lot Like Love


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It's a short little 15 second spot saying that critics are falling in love with A Lot Like Love. The music sounds kinda like Keane. Anyone know?
I was wondering about this song too. The last lyrics I could catch were "...and suddenly you're mine..."

Help!! B)
Thanks so much Sophist! :D Looks like I'm buying that soundtrack - good choice of songs, and I'm getting to be a fan of Aqualung.
Hmmm it seems to be the one Aqualung song I don't have. Thanks!
I just got Aqualung's CD, and it is bloody amazing. Brighter than Sunshine isn't even the best he can do. Fit the movie though, so it worked. Check him out, he's pretty good.
I know this is a shot in the dark, but i saw the commercial for the "A Lot Like Love" DVD and heard a song in the commercial that i recognized/liked....and i tried to remember the lyrics but i have completely forgotten them and the tune.

if anyone saw the commercial or knows the song, any help would be much appreciated.

actually, the commercial i saw had "give a little bit", but i'm not sure if it was the one from supertramp or goo goo dolls. maybe that's the one you are looking for.
do you remember any more lyrics?
it might be a song from the goo goo dolls or supertramp.