90's New Jack Swing/R&B -- Answered


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I'm looking for anyone's help. I have these two songs that I recorded off the radio 10+ years ago, but I don't know the song names nor the artists who recorded them. I uploaded a 45 second .wav file for each and posted them here...


Any help is greatly appreciated :)
hi, so far i've ID'd the first one; i did a search and came up with new kids on the block, "dirty dawg"...weird because i thought it sounded like montell jordan or r. kelly! haha
You're right! :huh: I thought maybe early Keith Sweat or someone like that too. The New Kids though?? I feel like a dork. Ha ha! Thanks for your help! Now just to find out what the other one is...
That second one reminds me of Color Me Badd, and I know I've heard it before but I can't remember sorry..
you got me, i did a few lyrics searches and came up with nothing, but then again i didn't try all too hard because listening to that song over and over and over to try and get down the lyrics was making me go a bit mental.. poor kitty
Just bumping this back to the front in case anybody missed it ;)
Finally got the other song! Somebody answered it on a different website. Just in case anybody here was wondering [or cares :)], the song is "It's Alright" by Classic Example. It's on the "South Central" movie soundtrack.
well, glad you found it. now you can rest easy. :)

10 + years, that's dedication! any songs you're wondering about now that we can try to figure out while they're still fresh? kidding, of course. ;)
If I should ever need help on finding a more recent song...I will most certainly stop here first :D
Hi....it's nice to know Classic Example is still remembered by some. A member of The Boys ("Dial My Heart") produced that song...

If you ever want to know more about New Jack Swing, head on over to:


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