80's song?


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ok, i heard this in the radio this morning...sounds like an 80's song; most likely, foreigner..but im not too sure. but it starts out all epic-like, then has the lyrics like, "show me the sun in the sky..." or something like that...anyone know?
How sure are you of this one lyric?
I'm familiar with alot of 80s material and this isnt bringing up anything..
Anything else you could possibley add to help out?

i'm not even too sure about those lyrics...i'm not sure if it's "sun" or "sign"...but the beginning of the song is really epic, sounds a lot like that Europe song "Final Countdown" but more slow and sad almost... all i know is he says something like "show me a ____ in the sky" ...i dunno, but i've been looking all nite also.
damn i cant find it...but the song is soooo good. it had that whole new wave - late 80's vibe to it. i've been searching all nite for possible lyrics that would match. i'm still suspecting it to be foreigner...or even eric clapton...or maybe erasure?
Try contacting that radio station via e mail. Whenever I do that to my local station they kick ass and e mail me back :)

LOL! Forienger to Eric Clapton to Erasure is a very wide spectrum.
Let go over what we do know.
Male vocalist.
Lyrics: Show me a __ in the sky.

Tell me this was the song most synthizers(I.E. The Final Countdown) or guitar for the main instruments?

The only thing that comes to mind immeadiately is the song Spiralling by Erasure since you mention them and the lyrics you gave could be a possible match.

The lyrics are:

Show me the way, they say safety in numbers
I lift up my eyes to the sky
And imagine a crowd of hearts that surround me
And give me the courage to die

Could this possibly be it?

nope, it's not erasure...it definitely has a synth beginning, almost epic-like the final countdown by europe. i tried a number of possibilities: peter frampton, foreigner (with some sort of similar lyrics of course), but still nothing. i might give up.
Corner in the sky

... michael jackson.


That's what comes up first when you googol your lyrics partially.
Originally posted by N1trostyle@Aug 13 2005, 05:07 PM
Corner in the sky

... michael jackson.


That's what comes up first when you googol your lyrics partially.
nope, not the song.
but thnx for trying...
jesus, i gave up on trying to find this song.
i just hope i run across it again.
:blink: ok I'll take a stab, if it's possible you got the lyrics a bit off I think the beginning of this song is similar to the one by Europe so that's what I'm going by. Have you tried listening to the Alan Parsons Project's "Eye in the Sky"? Good luck
it is neither of them, but thanks for giving it a try. hmm, i actually like that alan parsons prject song...very very relaxing. thnx guys
I thought that too.. but you know I thought about George Michael Father Figure?
What about "There's Alway the Sun" by the Stranglers?
? :blink:

Or could it be by Asia- they always have an epic sound.
Maybe Styx or Queen?
Though I can't think of anything offhand by them...
not the stranglers, but they're really good :ph34r:
i've heard of Asia, but I tried matching with the lyrics - gave me nothing.
Styx, I'm not quite sure....it is definitely not Queen.

another list of possibilities:

duran duran
depeche mode
I had a dream that I was listening to some of my friend's dad's cds and I found the 80's song I've been trying to find...the thing is, I didn't remember the band's name...goddamnit