8 Mile


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Hey does anyone know what song that is, it sounds like a guitar sort of, and Eminem uses that beat to rap where he is up against another guy...does anyone know if that song exists, and what its called? Please help.
Um, do you remember any of the lyrics? And this is just a guess so could very likely be wrong but Lose Yourself? It has a long guitar part in the begining.
He's talking about the first battle - the instrumental used is "Time's Up" by O.C.
what about the song where he says "everybody from the 313 put your motherfu***** hands up and...."
in the song where he sings "everybody from the 313"... the song is also played at the beginning while he is in the bathroom lip synching. The song is "Shook One's Part 2", by mobb deep. Probably the best rap group there is.. instead of the shit nowadays
Eminem 8 Mile Song

There is a song on the 8 Mile soundtrack, called 8 mile. I'm trying to figure out the sample that is used in the song, can someone please help me.

anyone? could still use some help figuring out the sample of that song