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Hey I was just wondering if anyone knew who did the song for the 7up "Feel the heat" commercial. The guy is running around then a basket of 7up falls off of a truck and he drinks one. The song seems to have a System of a Down theme to it, and its really cool. If anyone has a link to the commercial or knows the song, please tell.
i have not seen the commercial so im just going by the feel the heat part

power station did a song called some like it hot...and has a verse like this

Feel the heat
pushing you to decide

Feel the heat
burning you up
ready or not.

it dont sound like system of a down at all but thats what i thought of
I think it is by a 80's group called Power Station, I am not 100% sure.
...It isnt. I didnt say those words were in the lyrics, I said the song had a System of a Down beat to it.
I love the song in this commercial ... there arent vocals .. it just a nice guitar synth sound