50 First Dates


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Whats the name of the song that closed 50 First Dates. When they where in the antarctic. I know its an old song. Maybe even a christmas song
I think it was the same song that was played at the end of "Finding Forrester". You can find it on that soundtrack. It's track number 8 called 'Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World' and is sung by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. It mixes two old songs together.

Here's a link to the Finding Forrester soundtrack at CD Universe.

Hopefully that the song your after.
thanks..ill look into it...

i made a post here "what it called" or somthing...well this is the song i was thinking about

the drama that this song was with at the end..must have been finding forrester

thats the one

its number 8 on the soundtrack Over The Rainbow/What A Wonderful World.

Its not on the 50 first date soundtrack.
If you cannot find an album under his real name...then try to look for IZ...I think it was also used in the Devils Advocate (One of the more famous movies...and everyone in Hawaii was happy that it got attention outside of the state...) IZ passed away some years ago...
That song keeps popping up all over the place. I never realized what it was, until someone asked about it around here (up in TV Soundtracks, I think). Anyway, nice version of the song. You can also find it on Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's album "Facing Future."