5 Days to Midnight Music


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Looking for name of song played in the SCIFI miniseries "5 Days to Midnight"
The song played in 1st Episode, about 10 minutes or less into the movie.

I have lyrics :

Come on now come away
New sun got nothin’ to say to me
Nobody ever told me
How to love me like I love you now
Today I wait tomorrow may be too late
Somebody should have learnt you how
To love me like I love you now
Cause everything is just shadows and light
We are nothing but shadows and light
I’m gonna do you good
I want to do you good

Also have an mp3 file I recorded from the TV Show but can not attatched here.
If you want to listen to the file e-mail me and I will e-mail mp3 file to you that I created thru MusicMatch Juke Box.
This is obviouslya toughy, because no one replied to your query on a different site.