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the first one i heard on the radio, some jazzy, cabaret-like song. male vocals, kind of like robbie williams. he said "i'm feeling good" in the chorus a lot, then "i'm feeling sooo good". but not in a sexual way, like he was a cool cat and looking sharp sorta way.

the second one i heard in italy. i can best describe it as a whistle song. dance. i didn't hear any vocals, but i didn't hear the whole thing. (not the whistle song by dj aligator.)

and the third one is dance. femals vocals. the song is pretty sexed up. here are some of the lyrics i caught:
"i want to be your naughty girl"
"shania-na-na" (she said that a lot)
"bad boy do me do me"
"i'm ready here to burn"
abnd then a guy sang for a little bit and said "yes i'm driving fast in my car"

The first one sounds like you're talking about Michale Buble - "Feeling Good".

I don't know the second one.

I think you might be thinking of Beyonce Knowles - "Naughty Girl" for the third, but I could be wrong.

Hope that helps!
the third one isn't beyonce, but you got the first one. thanks a lot!