2nd Civic Nation Commercial


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I'm looking for the song from the second Civic nation commercial. It wasn't the "calling card" song, but it was Hip-Hop. Can anyone help out with this?
Does this weblog post help you out? I never could find out too much info about the original ad's music, though, other than the song being including on some random compilation CD.
There's a mistake in a few of these commercials. In the first one (the night time one), if you notice carefully, there's a few cars that shouldn't be there if its supposed to be Civic. One car I see is the Toyota Corolla. Even though it was modifed, wth were they thinking putting it there? I'm 100 % positive it was a Moded Corolla (year 2000-2001).

The one where there's that bridge, with the "remix", there are Acuras in there. Even though Acura is the North American "version" of the Hondas, it still shouldn't be placed in there. The whole commercial clearly says "Civic Nation"

I bet you they couldn't get that many modded Civics onto the road so perhaps they lied and said it was a car commercial. Check it out.