2006 Infiniti M


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Hi, Infiniti is promoting their new M model with new ads that are appearing on TV this month and the ads are accompanied by a piano/electronic piece of music that is beautiful. The ad itself is quite interesting.

I am worried that the music was composed soley for the television ad but I am hopefuly there is a possibility someone knows the name of the song.

The song can be heard here on Infiniti's website
yeh, after listening to the tune on the site, i need it, sounds awesome......anyone?
Yeah I saw the spot a while back and thought to myself "Whelp, time to go to adtunes." My predictions are that it was made specificly for the commercial.
Emailed infiniti about song. It is produced for the commercial by Elias a production company no artist or song name listed. Big pooo there!
desilines what e-mail address did you use to contact infiniti about their commercial? I'd like to e-mail them about another commercial.
Get an MP3 player with recording capability and a 1/4 inch male to male cable. Plug one end into the output jack and the other into the input or line-in jack of your MP3 player, and hit Record. The song on the site plays in a loop, so record it as long as you like.