2005 Toyota Tacoma


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There is a commercial for a Toyota Tacoma. It sounded like a classic rock song. I searched for Toyota Tacoma but nothing came up so I thought maybe someone could help? Thanks!
Did the song have any lyrics? Also, what was happening in the ad?
The ad I've seen for the 2005 Toyota Tacoma is most definitely NOT using "Push It" by Salt n Pepa. The ad starts with a guy who's got a crappy truck, and eventually he is introduced to the new car and his life changes.

It's a classic rock song, like the original poster mentioned.

The lyrics are:

Yesterday was a good day.
It's after midnight and I've got you on my mind.

The song is "Just the Same Way" by Journey. You can find the song on their album "Evolution." Audio sample through link, track 8. The song is also available for download from .

Sorry, I must have been thinking of the Tundra commercial. All I knew is that it was a cover of "Push It", and that it was a Toyota truck commercial. In any case, this is the song I was looking for, so thanks deaqon28!

hey, i'm lookin for the song in the new Toyota Tacoma commercial where the guy has "adrenalineitis". the song starts as the truck's liek flying off of a jump and it shows the guy's face as he enjoys the offroading a lot. anyone kno the song?

P.S. did a search and got nothing
I remember that add from just the other day. hmm... now I want to know.
One of the ads has "Just the Same Way" by Journey, but I don't think it's the adrenalin one.
you're right!! it wasn't the adrenaline one, it was the other one and that journey song was wut i was lookin for, awesome!!!!! thanx
The music used in the ad featuring the guy with 'Adrenalitis' was composed specifically for the commercial by ASCHE & SPENCER.

Sorry, snowbutterfly - no idea as to who performed the 'Push It' cover.