2005 Audi A6

I have been trying to find out the title and author of the music track that plays during the new TV ad for the 2005 Audi A6.

The commercial is the one that uses the ">" (greater than symbol) throughout, Saying such-and-such is greater than something-or-other. The music that plays during the ad is a pretty low-key piece of trance music that is just getting good when the car does a little 4-wheel drift across a deserted road. Then, the ad ends with the Audi logo, and a couple really nice beats kick off just before the commercial ends.

I was hoping someone could help me find out who does that piece and what it's title is, or if it was made specifically for the ad. I really want to hear the rest of it, as it sounds like some quality music.

The two channels I have seen this on are, The Science Channel and, I think, Spike.
Has nobody else seen this one? or should I be more specific?
I really want to find this track, so I can hear the whole thing, cuz it sounds like it gets cut short.
There is already a thread on this, with link to view the commercial online.

No answer as yet, though.
cool... thanks for the link. But, in my defense, I did a few extensive searches of the forums here before posting this one, and it never returned any results with "audi" in them.
what is the name of the song and artist though? Is endless noise the artist? Please clarify