2004 Chevy Silverado


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I desperately want to know the name of the song that plays during this commercial. It sounds like mexican-style hip hop. Please help!
I know that "Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride" is used in one of Chevy's commercials, but I'm not sure if this is what you're talking about. Give it a listen to, and see if that's it.
I saw this commercial today, and it was amusing to say the least. I wasn't paying attention to the tv, but i found myself humming the song! An instrumental version was used on the Anna Nicole Smith show's first season as Bobby Trendy's theme.. I just call it the Ballad of Bobby Trendy.. I think its some kind of Mariachi song, obviously sampled and rapped over for the Silverado SS commercial.. I really want that song!! Someone's gotta know something!

Please please

Oh yeah, in case anyone's wondering specifically about it, its where the new SS truck is driving by and all of the old tuner trucks and cars are bouncing up and down, with the mexican rap song in the background.. its pretty cool :D
I looked it up and the song is called Return of the Tres by Delinquent Habits.

(a little exagerated) :D :lol: :)
the commercial was was for pickup trucks. it showed a ver old (but very nice) pickup then showed a bunch of new trucks including the new convertible pickup. it played durring football sunday on the east coast.

the song was kicking a nice beat and had only trumpets playing this nice mexican sounding melody. then there was a dude rapping, cant remember if it was english though.

i had found this song before years ago from playing an end credits of a movie (that i cant remember, it had a car driving off into the sunset is all i can remember). but i forgot about it over time.

i want to say the band is "los" something.


I don't know the ad, but there's a group called "Los Lobos" -- maybe that's who you're thinking of? :unsure:
Oh yeah, maybe them too. They have that popular song "Heaven," maybe that's the song you're looking for?
ah ha! "Return of the Tres" thats it. i use to love that song. thanks!! im surprised my seach didnt show that thread. i reccomend everone check that song out. its catchy as all heck.

just saw a commercial for chevy silverado on fox sports net. it had spanish music that was also in the movie Double Take with Eddie Griffin and the guy from the 7up commercials. the background is really catchy even without knowing the words.

any ideas?

I really want to know what is the song used in this chevy silverado commercial. The commercial starts out with the New Chevy Silverado and a bunch of "old skool" chevy cars have hydraulics. When the New Chevy passes by, the "old skool" cars that have hydraulics start jumping up and down. The theme song has trumpets that play rap beat. I think it's SPANISH RAP. Please, I want to know what the name of this song is. Thanks. B)
:ph34r: People this one has been answered three times already, learn to use the search option. In case you still don't know, the spanish song in the commercial is "Delinquent Habits - Return of the Tres" :ph34r: