2 Tunes - MTV's life and Mutual Ad with Frog


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The tune from MTV's Life (Fat Camp episode) - when kids are walking up hill about to eat and cool break beat (hip hop?) is playing in background...other song is from the Mutual commercial with the big frog and a Joan Jett tune playing - is it a remix or an actual song, if so which??..thanks!
MTV's True Life archive page seems pretty thin on info - you might try emailing MTV and asking anyway. That's an older episode from the series, so I can't remember the song you mention. (The answer might be in the end credits if you ever see the episode again.)

As for the Mutual Joan Jett song - What are some of the lyrics you heard? (What makes you think it's a Joan Jett song?) It's not "I Love Rock and Roll" is it? :)
Thanks for the help - it's not I love Rock and Roll, it's her I am pretty sure, but it could sound like an exteneded mix of one of her tunes, a catchy riff or something...

I probably will have to write MTV as the song is not listed at the end..it's a funky rolling beat which I have heard before but cannot place!