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Hello......i would like to know what the first song is that they play on 2fast 2furious....i know its old but it sounds like ludacris and hes saying: real girls get down~ and i dont know the rest.....please help B)
The list Tamsin gave you is a list of songs from the movie all of which are not necessarily on the soundtrack.
They are usually listed in the same order in which they're used in the movie.

So try "Like A Pimp" and work your way down if that isn't it.
Well, for any Fast and Furious fans--

I've been looking for this song for a while. Unfortunately, I no longer have a copy of the DVD, but my memory is fairly good in regards to the location.

This specific song or score started right near the end of the Prelude from 2 Fast 2 Furious, right when Brian reaches the end of his cross-country journey and ends up in Miami; it starts right when he pulls over that bridge in sunny Miami, and then he drives a bit, parks next to a walk, looks and smiles at the girls, sees other racers, and turns to follow them. And it ends there.

I do not remember if there are any lyrics or if it was just a score. Even so, if any of you can SEARCH for the song and help me out, I would greatly appreciate it, as I have been searching everywhere for it, and could not find it.

Thanks in advance, and hopefully one of you will help me out with this.

Cheers! And nice stuff here at AT :)
Can anybody tell me the song that is in the turbo charged prelude for 2 fast 2furious. It is the song on the part where it shows what happens between the fast and the furious up until 2fast 2furious. It has some guitar in it. please tell me this song if u know it. :D
Thanks a lot though. It's not in the credits, there or elsewhere... And i'm pretty sure its more than a score.

So no one here has seen the prelude to 2 fast 2 furious (its on the dvd)...
I tried to find it forever! I know EXACTLY the one you are talking about..got some piano and brass playing...it's really hot, I'm looking at "Miami" on the 2F2F soundtrack, but its NOT the song...

please update if someone finds that song!

You might be talking about "Stick 'Em Up" by Quarashi off the CD "Jinx"

Hope that's it
Any one have any ideas how to find that song i would really like it it is

Written by Maurice Sinclair
Performed by Maurice Sinclair
Courtesy of StreetMindz Entertainment
During the part of the movie when brain and his friend just got their new rides and they are heading to the house to get ready for the hunt for the ferrari a song plays. I can't exactly remember all the lyrics but I remember one small part of it "Heavy on the gas" sorry I couldn't be much help but if anyone could help me figure this song out that would be great. :D
Does anyone know what song plays in 2 Fast 2Furious in the action,happening in the club?the melody sounds like Mark Ronson,but it is definitely not it.Thanx
Hey Guys,

In 2Fast 2Furious, there is a scene where all the "Thug" drivers, Brian and Roman are set the task of retrieving a package that belongs to Verone. When Monica asks for the drivers' licences the Guard say "Go!" then music is played in the background and I can just catch the words "Rock, Rock, Rock". This track is played almost throughout the race to Verone's package during the Highway.

I've have looked at almost every site that exists, including IMDB, I have even bought 2Fast 2Furious Album thinking it would be on there, but I was doubted.

So can anyone help?

I can't find the song anywhere. But maybe it's "Ride"-Maurice Sincalir
opening song when they are putting up the signs: "Like a Pimp" by David Banner
When they show all the car sterios in the trunks and Tej says, "The race starts in 4 minutes" that is "Act a Fool" by Ludacris.
I've been meaning to make this topic pretty much since the movie came out but just never remembered to do it....well here it is. The song I'm interested in is not on the soundtrack and I don't know if it was just made for the movie. The song is played during the very first race with Brian in the GTR. The time it starts is 8:37. The main part that I like that caught my attention was at 10:35-10:47 when the GTR and Supra are neck and neck after the last turn. I'm almost certain it is not on the imdb page but will double check again. Thanks for the help if any is possible.
2 Fast 2 Furious: Driving school with Brian

I've been trying to find the name of the song your hear in the background.
It's a clip from the 2 Fast 2 Furious Making Of and it's a song that's used by more tv shows.

The clip with the song is on YouTube:
The song starts at 1:10 and you can clearly hear it at 1:37.

I really hope someone's able to help me find its name.