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Greetings from Canada! :D

So, to business: during the November 2 episode of 10-8, Mercy, Mercy Me, I heard this here song.

Please forgive the gunfire and sirens. A mob o' gangsta wannabes were shooting up an old man's home from their truck. Yeah, real brave. <_<

Does anyone know the artist and title of this song?

I've done countless lyric searches on what I believe to be the words, gone up and down Limp Bizkit's site (as that's who it sounds like to me), but so far, I'm (yeah, big surprise) clueless. :p

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I stumbled upon this site looking for information about what turned out to be Overseer's "Slayed," and really thank Michelle and Jon for setting this place up, not like I know 'em on a first-name basis or anything . . .

I'm a huge junkie for scores and music in television/films/spots/whathaveyou (it really snowballed with the Independence Day trailer -- that's Hans Zimmer's Roll Tide from the Crimson Tide soundtrack, F Yer I), and this looks to be a great resource to help me in my never-ending quests.

Heck, I'm still trying to figure out the music from a TV spot for Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas . . . sorta freaky techno -- 4/4 bass drum (machine) beat with choral samples . . . haha, 'course, any help there would be eternally appreciated. :lol:

=) happyjud
Hey Jud! Welcome to the Forums, and thanks for the kind words! I must admit, Jon and I are both impressed with your detailed post (and greatly appreciate it!!) -- it was really helpful, and because of that I was able to find some answers for you:

The song from the 10-8 episode is called "Step To The Floor" and is by a group called Illegal Substance. It's on their album "Illegal Substance." You can hear a sample of the song at that link! And, in case you're interested, here is a link for the lyrics to the song.

Regarding your NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS question: Original music done by composer John Beal.

By the way, Hans Zimmer does great stuff! I used a lyric of his for my High School "Senior Quote" many years ago. :)
Holy son-of-a-dipthong! :blink: That's IT!

I mean, I'm not Light's gift to the internet, but over the years, I've developed a few searching tricks and refinements, especially when it comes to tracking songs, and wasn't able to turn up ANYTHING about this one.

Wonderful! Thanks so much! How on EARTH did you find it? And so dang quickly?

I'm in your debt!

And yeah, thanks ever-so-kindly about the NBChristmas info. I bought the soundtrack, naïvely assuming, "Well, if it's on the commercial, it must be on the soundtrack!" Not so, unfortunately.

Which, I guess, reminds me: it was actually "The Lost Boys" that sent me on my first movie tune hunt (Lou Gramm's "Lost in the Shadows," played in the commercial, was also, thankfully, on the soundtrack). I saw the commercial, immediately phoned my local "record and tape" store, jumped on my bicycle, and got one hell of a soundtrack.

As for being detailed, I try. Some, however, call it blabbering. :unsure:

Much obliged, eh?

=) happyjud
Originally posted by happyjud@Nov 25 2003, 09:54 PM
Wonderful! Thanks so much! How on EARTH did you find it? And so dang quickly?
You provided an audio clip that helped a whole lot! ;) I just did a search and eventually got the right answer. In this instance, Google didn't help out actually...