1. H

    Zune "Your Entertainment, Everywhere"

    Greetings! I'm trying to source the music in this commercial: Soundhound, Shazam, searches here, and lyric searches aplenty don't seem to be able to turn up anything on this song. I'd be much obliged for an ident, with thanks in advance! =) Bud
  2. stonefox_gurl

    Zune 3.0

    what is that song for the commercial with Common in it????
  3. S

    Zune "Share"

    Zune "Share" anybody kno the song in the old zune commerical.... "you've got to share, share the moment, you've got to share, share the life" something along those lines...
  4. E

    Zune "Stacks"

    Can anyone help me with the newest Zune commercial??? Where these blocks with artists are being scrolled over too in random directions..
  5. B


    I CANNOT find this song, anywhere its is from a very interesting zune commercial and the name of it is second coming of the monkey god by ashtar but i cannot find a place to download it please respond
  6. A


    This ad featured some kind of new cell or portable device. Some guy wearing a black striped shirt is transported thru path and onto a bus using this device it had a type of alternative tune to it? anyone think they've seen this new ad?
  7. ImtryingtoSleep

    Zune and Diet Coke ad in movie theatres

    Anyone know the Zune & Diet Coke commercials that are seen in the theaters recently? Both are very dancey.
  8. ad-rock

    Zune 2

    This ad is brand new; just saw it tonight for the first time. Anybody know the song yet?? Thanks~
  9. Brenan6

    Zune anime cartoon

    There is this new zune commercial that has two airplanes in a dog fight. its all anime style. Their rockets would explode in a haze of colors and dragons. The song was acoustic sounding. Not sure if there were lyrics. anyone know?
  10. K


    theres a Zune commercial with a rock-kinda remix to "This is Why im Hot" but whats the name of the remix?